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  • I have lived in my 4 bedroom house for over 40 years…how am I possibly going to deal with the many belongings my wife and I have collected over the years? There is only so much we can take with us.

    This is our most common question and often our client’s most pressing concern. As specialists in Senior Move Management we are experts in supporting you and your family through this unique type of move. Possessions often represent many years of happy memories. Our experienced team is dedicated to thoughtfully helping you sort through your belongings, determining what will comfortably and safely fit into your new home. As accredited members of the American Society of Estate Liquidators we can advise you on options for the remaining contents of your home. Should you decide to sell marketable items Wise Moves coordinates both public and private sales as needed. We also provide donation and trash removal.

  • My parents are considering moving into a retirement and/or assisted living community. Where do we start?

    Downsizing and moving is very personal and overwhelming. The good news is you have taken a significant first step! Seeking support and building a team will assure a successful transition. Wise Moves can customize and implement a step by step plan that will maximize progress and minimize stress. Contact us for a complimentary initial consultation so we may share our approach and expertise.

  • What are the expenses associated with a move like mine?

    Wise Moves can manage your move process from start to finish. However, we are also available to provide support at any step along the way. You do not have to use us for the full scope of our services. You can pick and choose what you need help with. Our basic services are billed by the hour. Contact us for our complimentary consultation so we may provide you with a personalized estimate.

  • What kind of credentials do you have?

    Certificate in Senior Move Management

    NASMM A+ Accredited

    NASMM Circle of Service: Awarded to members of NASMM who have been in the industry for 5 years or more.

    ASEL Accredited Estate Liquidator/Service Excellence Award

    NAPO: Member of the National Association of Professional Organizers

  • Are you insured?

    Wise Moves has liability insurance specific to our industry and our employees are covered under workmen’s compensation. We are bonded.

  • What are my belongings worth?

    This is a difficult question. The short answer is, as much as someone is willing to pay for them. Knowing the best way to liquidate an entire house with many years of accumulated belongings is tricky. As accredited members of the American Society of Estate Liquidators we can advise you on the best ways to relinquish your belongings.


  • Do you only work with older adults who are downsizing?

    We will help anyone who needs our services. We have had many younger clients who are busy professionals, perhaps with children, who are moving to a larger home. We also can help with reorganizing efforts if a client wants to remain in his/her current home.

  • Will you refer us to a moving van line?

    Yes. Move managers are not movers. We have developed an excellent relationship with a local company we trust. We have worked together on hundreds of local and long distance moves. We can arrange for an estimate and coordinate all the details. Of course, we will work with any company of our client’s choosing as well.

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